Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Apartment With These 5 Tips

Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Apartment With These 5 Tips

Cockroaches are not only hideous to look at but they are very unhygienic as well. This is why keeping them away from your house is not only the right choice but a healthy choice as well. If you have been seeing two or three cockroaches roaming around your house it might mean that there are more. You should know how to protect your apartment from these nasty creatures before it is too late. Yes, a cockroach infestation is very common in Australia. But do not worry because this blog consists of 5 tips that you can use to keep the roaches out of your apartment. 

5 Tips To Prevent Your House From Cockroach Infestation

  • Get Rid Of Their Source Of Food

Cockroaches are attracted to the fragrance of food. If the cockroaches will keep on finding food sources in your house, they will never leave and they will invite their friends as well. This is why you should make sure that you keep your food items in a sealed box or a container. Also, ensure that your pet food is not lying all over your house because it will attract more cockroaches.

  • Make Certain That Your House Is Always Clean

Roaches love themselves a dirty environment that is why they live in sewages and gutters. If they will find your home dirty enough for them to stay, they will start breeding there. So, next time you make sure that you clean your dishes on time instead of leaving them unwashed. Also, keep in mind to clean your kitchen after cooking a meal. Little bits of food is enough for a cockroach’s dinner.

  • Eradicate The Spots They Must Be Hiding In

These creatures usually reside in damp and dark places. They prefer to live in places where there is minimum human contact. If there are some places like these at your home eliminate them. Untouched cardboard boxes, a pile of newspapers in the basement, an unused dirty shoe wrack are the most common habitations of cockroaches.

  • Use Lemons To Repel Cockroaches

Cockroaches can not bear the smell of lemon that is why it is advised to add a few drops of lemon in the mopping water. The smell of lemon will keep the roaches away from your house. You can also pour some lemon juice on the boundaries of your house to prevent the roaches from entering your home in the first place. 

  • Keep Your Trash Cans Clean

Make sure that you empty your trash every single day. Also, buy a trash can which has a tight lid to prevent the cockroaches from entering the trash. It is also important that the trash cans outside your home are emptied routinely. Check that your outdoor trash cans are not very close to your house. If they will be close to your house, the roaches will definitely enter your apartment.

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